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Ext JS 6 (Beta) が出たようです。



New Ext JS 6 Features and Tools

Ext JS 6 brings a myriad of new features, tools, and improvements. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Merged Ext JS & Sencha Touch – With Ext 6, you now have access to all the UI components from Ext JS and Sencha Touch, from a single code base, that allows you to selectively deliver the appropriate user experience across all devices. By virtue of using the common core, Sencha Touch UI components inside Ext JS 6 now get the MVVM support, data binding, and even the mouse and click support, in case you want to use them on desktops. There are also a number of enhancements in Ext JS 6, especially in the areas of Accessibility, Charts, and Grid.
  • Sencha Pivot Grid – The Pivot Grid add-on enables you to quickly and easily add powerful analytics functionality to Ext JS applications. You can build applications that enable users to discover critical insights from massive sets of data available in your Ext JS grids.
  • Sencha Cmd 6 – With every major release of Ext JS, we update Sencha Cmd and make it easier and faster for developers to build their applications. With Sencha Cmd 6, we have added a brand new SASS compiler — Fashion — which is our own runtime JavaScript implementation and eliminates the dependency on Ruby and Compass.
  • Sencha JetBrains Plugins – We have created a plugin for these popular IDEs, which makes Ext JS development much faster and easier, and significantly improves productivity. The Sencha JetBrains Plugins enable autocomplete and allows developers to have quick access to configs, mixins, properties, events, methods, and more.

Architect において、Ext JS 6 が使えるようになるのも、また当分先のようです。
このリリースサイクルは、Ext JS 5 リリースの際と同じなのかなと・・・
どうしてか、カンファレンスの中では JetBrains推し?のようでした。(Architectに集中してリリースを先行すれば良いのにと思うのは私だけでしょうか)
詳しくは Ext JS Guides の JetBrains Plugin Guide に書いてあります。

今後の Sencha社に期待したいですね。